Portal Password

To change your own portal password

  • Default password is ChangeMe1
  • To change it, log in
    • https://portal.ask-vision.com/portal/
      • U: ext@Domain    P: ChangeMe1  - where ext is your phone extension number and Domain is your domain name - If you are not sure what your domain name is contact support at 844-542-2157 opt 2
  • If you are an Office Manager
    • Click your name (ext) in the upper right and select My Account

  • Click your name (ext) in the upper right and select Profile
    • Enter New Password
    • Enter Confirm Password
    • Enter Current Password 

To change someone else’s portal password

  • The Office Manager in your company logs into the phone system portal

  • https://portal.ask-vision.com/portal/

    • U: ext@Domain (where extnum is the extension number)    P: portal password 

  • Click on Users

  • Click on the Name of the person that needs the password set

  • Click on the Advanced tab

  • Check Send Welcome Letter (link expires after 24 hours)

  • If the Office Manager does not have their portal password

  • Contact Vision support at support@ask-vision.com or call 844-542-2157 opt 2.

  • They will send an email with a link to reset the password (expires after 24 hours)