To delete voicemail messages using the phone interface
  1. From the office: Dial 5001 from the extension where you want to remove the messages
    1. If remote, call your extension and enter * during your voicemail greeting
  2. Enter voicemail password followed by #
  3. Press 1 for new messages or 2 for old messages
  4. Press 4 to delete the message as it plays

To delete voicemail messages using the portal

  1. Log into the portal

    1. U: ext@domainVVD    P: Portal Password

  3. If you have Office Manager privilege
    1. Click your name (ext) in the upper right and select My Account

  4. Click on Messages

  5. Click Saved if the messages are in the Saved Folder

  6. Click the delete (red x) to the right of the message you want to delete