Set up ReachUC

  1. On the users’s cell phone download the ReachUC phone application from the phone’s App or Play store

  2. Open the App once it is downloaded

  3. Under Settings (gear), Select Account Setup

  4. Username is xxx@Domain (where xxx is the ext number)

  5. Password is your portal password (if needed, we can send a password reset)

  6. Press Allow on every window that pops up and select I agree on terms and conditions

  7. Under Settings (gear), Preferences, Controls, for "On GSM Call" change it to "Do Nothing" and press Done

To Set DND

  1. In the ReachUC app, press the REACHUC at the top

  2. Press the Do Not Disturb button so it shows green - this turns DND on and your ReachUC phone will not ring

  3. Press it again to turn DND off

To Place a call

  • Press Keypad, Type the number and hit the green send button

To Transfer a call

  • With an active call, press transfer, dial the ext or 10 digit number you are transfering to, press the green send button

WebRTC Login (Using Google Chrome)

Login with user@domain and voicemail password