1. Log into the Vision Phone System portal
    1. Go to https://portal.ask-vision.com/
    2. Username is ext@Domain
    3. Password (if you do not have this, I can send a password reset)
  2. Click on the Inventory button
  3. Click on the Phone Hardware tab (under the Inventory bar)
  4. Click on the gear icon to the right of the extension you want to update 
    1. If the gear does not appear it may be you need to be given permission to access this feature or the phone model is not supported. Please contact support at 844-542-2157 opt 2 with any questions.
  5. The first two lines should be “Line Appearance” and be the extension number. Do not edit these.
  6. The rest of the lines can be one of the following
    1. User (BLF) and the extension number. Custom label should not be used unless you want it to be different than the name on the extension.
    2. Speed Dial and the number you want to outdial. The Custom Label field can be used to identify the speed dial
    3. Call Park – 721 (Park 1) or 722 (Park 2)
  7. To add a sidecar, click Add Sidecar and select the appropriate sidecar you have
  8. Populate the lines with the feature you want as outlined above.
  9. Click the arrow to the right of the Save button and select Save and resync. This will update the phone. Yealink phone will flash and Polycom phones will reboot.
  10. Click Back to Inventory to return to the list of phones.